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Organic Cotton

Free of Toxic Chemicals

Conventional cotton is the most chemical intensive, with huge amounts of fertilisers and pesticides used to increase yields. Our organic cotton apparel contains zero pesticides and fertilisers which means a lower impact on the Earth, as well as a better life for farmers, their families and your skin.

Sustainable Soil Systems

Unsustainable farming practices in the production of conventional cotton has led to widespread soil degradation, with a permanent loss of nutrients and top soil. Organic practices replenish and maintain soil fertility through crop rotation and sustainable irrigation. Compared to conventional cotton, organic reduces soil erosion by up to 26%.

Less Water Consumption

Studies comparing conventional and organic cotton production have found that organic cotton uses an incredible 90% less water. This reduces the strain on natural resources and prevents soil erosion. The end result is a more sustainable farming practice that doesn't destroy natural resources for short term gains.

Lower Carbon Footprint

Organic cotton production releases 46% less carbon dioxide than it's conventional counterpart. As the most popular fabric in the world, switching even a small percentage of cotton production to organic methods could have an enormous impact on climate change and the health of our planet.